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The Alachigh

The Alachigh from the inside






Glamping at its best!! What a wonderful space this is! The Alachigh (pronounced Al-la-cheeg) is traditionally used by a nomadic tribe, the Shahsavan, from northern Iran. The Shahsavan tribe have a long history in Iran, dating back to 990 A.D. More than 100,000 Shahsavan live in and around the province of Ardabil and there are still to this day over 5,000 living a migratory or semi-magratory life in this area and living in an Alachigh.


The overall effect of the Alachigh is a dome shape and in some ways its a cross between a yurt and a tipi. There is a central crown, as in the yurt, but the rest of the structure is made from locally sourced steam-bent oak timbers which curve from the crown to the oak floorboards. We have covered this wooden framework in a stone coloured 12 oz canvas and adorned the inside with a marquee lining, together with 'drapes' which give a little privacy between the beds and creates a soft and homely atmosphere.




The Alachigh is 24' in diameter and comfortably sleeps six. There are four single pine beds and a double bed, all of which have covered foam mattresses and pillows. In the centre is a cast iron wood burning stove which will keep you wonderfully warm, surrounded by a fitted fireguard. Sheepskins, rugs and cushions adorn the Alachigh for that extra comfort. There is also a sofa bed/settee, a large coffee table/chest (which contains plenty of extra blankets just in case it gets a bit colder at night), three bedside tables, a large shelving unit for storing food, pots, pans, etc. We also supply a calor gas two ringed burner, all crockery and cutlery and a basket of seasoned hardwood.

View from the Alachigh




Outside there is a large picnic bench and a camp fire area, together with a trivet if you'd like to cook over an open fire.


We will give you guidance when you arrive on the use of the stove, cover all health and safety issues and give you a guided tour of the facilities. We're practically always here to give help and advice if required.